Styling Services

Figuring out your personal style, putting pieces together, and deciding what to wear can be frustrating. More often than not, the issue isn't that you need a makeover, it's probably your closet that needs one!

It's easy to miss all of the different options that you already have in your own closet when it's disorganized and cluttered. You tend to grab what's easiest to reach every day and quickly forget about all the other great pieces that you have. A closet of chaos can also cause you to feel uninspired and unmotivated which leads to drab, repetitive looks.

If you want to polish your current look or create a brand new one, I provide the services to make that happen. We'll begin with a FREE consultation that can be done over the phone or in person. which consists of a few questions to give me a better sense of you, your style, and what you're looking to accomplish. I will make some initial assessments and recommendations and you decide which option(s) to choose. And then the fun begins!

  • CLOSET MAKEOVER - Styling starts here. Everything is removed and only the pieces that you love and are most flattering for your shape and style will find their way back into your closet. We'll organize everything to maximize function. By eliminating items and better organizing the ones you're keeping, we'll see what you have to work with and exactly what you're missing. I will style multiple looks with what you currently have and provide you with a digital look book so deciding what to wear is not an issue. You'll be amazed at how many different looks will be created with the pieces you are already own. ~ $300 for 4-hour session ($75 each additional hour)
  • WARDROBE EDIT - If you're closet is already in good order, but you have a difficult time letting go of things or aren't sure if something fits or looks right on you, we'll work on it together. I will give feedback and suggestions for what should remain and what should be tossed. I'll also make recommendations for staple pieces you're missing. A digital look book with styling options from your existing wardrobe can provided upon request. ~ $175 for 2-hour session ($75 each additional hour)
  • EVENT STYLING - If you have a special event or a vacation coming up and need help with a look, we'll work with what you already have and noting what you need or create a whole new look with all new pieces. For events with multiple outfits, like vacations, a digital look book can be provided upon request. $200 for 2-hour session ($75 each additional hour)
  • LOOK BOOK - I will style your currently owned pieces in multiple looks and create a digital look book for you. It will be your personal what-to-wear quick reference guide. This option does not include closet or wardrobe edits. ~ $150 (printed look books available upon special request)
  • PERSONAL SHOPPING - We'll work together to assess your needs, discuss budget, and schedule a shopping day out or online if preferred. ~ $75 per hour

Email me at with any questions or to book an initial, and completely free, consultation by phone. I look forward to hearing from and working with you!