J By Jilly is a life and style blog with creative content on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. I enjoy working with, supporting, and promoting brands sharing these passions.

If your brand or store is interested in working with me for features and reviews to share on J By Jilly and across my social media platforms, here are some of the ways how:

  • AMBASSADOR PROGRAMS - If there is a good fit between your brand and J By Jilly, I''d be happy and honored to represent your brand. I'll promote and bring awareness about your brand to all of my subscribers, I love sharing the good news about brands that I believe in and support.


  • PRODUCT REVIEWS/GIVEAWAYS- I'd love to sample your product(s) if they line up with J By Jilly and share an honest review with my readers. For product reviews, I usually request one product for me to test and an additional one for a giveaway that I'll host and promote on the blog and my social media pages.


  • TRAVEL - If you want to have your hotel, resort, spa, or travel line featured and/or reviewed for a campaign or special promotion, I'd love to work with you to promote and share all the great things about your travel brand! Let me takeover your Instagram for the day and spotlight your spa, restaurant, fitness center, pool, or any other special feature at your location.


  • CLOTHING/ACCESSORY COLLABORATIONS - If you have clothing or accessories that you'd like featured and promoted, I can't wait to style your pieces and share with my subscribers.


  • EVENTS - If your brand or store has an upcoming event and would like me to attend to promote, feature on my blog or yours, please send an invitation as early as possible for booking. 


  • ADVERTISING - If your product or service is a favorite, I'd love to share some space on J By Jilly's sidebar.

*Please email me at jbyjilly@gmail.com with any questions, for my media kit, rate card, or a list of completed brand campaigns/collaborations. I look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to collaborate! ~ Jill