Why Miami Is Still the Ultimate Spring Break & Summer Destination

What makes a great summer destination? Gorgeous beaches, affordable accommodation options, fabulous food, even more, fabulous nightlife, parties everywhere, lots of entertainment, and beautiful, friendly people. While Orlando recently topped a list put together by Kayak.com of popular spring break destinations, likely due to its many amusement parks like Disney World, spring breakers and summer vacationers who head there are actually missing out, as it’s Miami, which landed at No.4, that offers all the ingredients for the ultimate spring break retreat recipe.

Those with Miami real estate are especially fortunate as they can enjoy the delights of the southern Florida city all year long. In fact, more than a few spring break visitors and summer vacationers find themselves searching through properties in hopes of making that a reality. Why? Keep reading.


Miami’s climate is fantastic all year-round, but around spring break it’s absolutely ideal. This is the best time of year to be in Miami, with the sun-kissed beaches and the city enjoying high temperatures that average in the 80s. Whether you’re visiting in the spring or summer, Miami is the ultimate getaway destination with great, warm weather.


The steamy climate helps to create an unbelievable party scene that goes on 24/7, in wild, world-renowned nightclubs, on the beaches, and around the swimming pools with lots of DJ-led pool parties. Hotels like the Delano South Beach Hotel are one of the coolest around, with the party starting out in the packed Rose Bar before continuing to the pool, and underground to the Florida Room nightclub, renowned for its see-and-be-seen experience.

No matter what time of year you’re in Miami, celebrity spotting is a popular pursuit at places like LIV, where everyone from P-Diddy and Justin Bieber to the Jonas brothers and Eva Longoria makes appearances.


Of course, one of the primary reasons so many people love Miami is the beautiful, laid-back beaches. While they’re great for simply soaking up the ever-present sunshine, they also offer a host of activities on the sand and in the water. Everything from swimming, snorkeling, and diving to sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, paddle boarding, and jet-skiing are popular here. Plus, with many dolphins in this area, this is a great place for booking a guided tour where you can paddle up to and swim alongside these magnificent creatures.

In addition to the long list of relaxation and recreational pursuits, people watching is a popular pastime here, especially on South Beach. Between Ocean Drive and the sands of South Beach, is a mecca of more than 70 acres of space where you can toss a blanket down and observe all sorts of wackiness, and often, exotic models posing for the camera. Golden Beach, Crandon Park Beach and North Shore Park Beach are good spots too. Bring your sunglasses, lather on the sunscreen and check out all the attractive people and interesting characters that pass by.


All those activities are going to require some fuel, and fortunately, this city has a thriving food scene. There are lots of trendy food trucks for cheaply and deliciously feeding your appetite, along with gastropubs that combine beer and gourmet fare, fine dining and just about everything in between.

These are just a few of the reasons why Miami is still the ultimate Spring Break and summer destination. But, seriously, what more could you need.

Miami looks forward to seeing you soon!