Classic vs Trendy Style

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Classic or trendy style? For me, that's an easy one! Down to the very core of my soul, I'm a classics kinda gal - 70's rock, distressed denim, ponytails, cardigans, and sneakers. That's not to say that I don't incorporate a little here and now and keep things fresh, but overall - about 99% of the time - my daily looks favor a classic style.

If I purchase any sort of trendy piece to add to my closet, chances are good that it's a fairly conservative, affordable representation of that trend, and may be on its way to becoming a classic. It's also likely that it's a trend we'll see on repeat for several seasons or a few years like  stripes, over-the-knee boots, and moto jackets (yes to all!).

Another reason why I favor a classic vs trendy style, it's better for my budget with cost-per-wear taken into consideration (and better for the environment too). Spend a little more on quality classic clothing that will give you years of wear instead of purchasing less-expensive, attention-grabbing trendy items like loud colors, busy patterns, and asymmetrical hems that might fare well for maybe  one or two seasons at best.

Trends often make a comeback over time but retire as fast as they arrived. Classic items like a great pair of jeans, the perfect nude heels, and a cute layering jacket will remain staples in your look now and for years to come. If you're keeping any of your current trends for their next fashion appearance later on down the road, be prepared to wait and expect variations and updates to that trend to be a more current version.

Only classics can truly stand the style test of time. - Jill xoxo