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Hi there and happy Hump Day, all! Today's post is pretty interesting and full of information from a study that was conducted by on Flat Irons. Whether you're using a flat iron, curling iron, or any other heating tool on your hair, you want to make sure that you're using the best one that not only works but doesn't cause harm to your hair. Read on to find out if you're currently using the right tool for your hair.

If you're like many women, then you like being able to have straight or curly hair whenever you want. On a Monday, you'll want soft waves and by Wednesday you want to rock a side part with straight hair. A flat iron can deliver both if you know how to use it. However, if you don't have the right flat iron for your hair, it can leave your strands damaged instead of full of life and beauty.

When looking for the ideal flat iron, you want to get one that will straighten or curl the hair on the lowest setting instead of one that takes a while to warm up or that requires high heat to get anything done with the hair. The plate material is what you want to look at when deciding which flat iron to get. Ceramic is in close competition with titanium as they both offer gentle heat while locking in the moisture in the hair. Many hair stylists use titanium plates as they are smooth and not as heavy as irons made of ceramic plates.

A good bit of research goes into finding the best flat iron - and, a website dedicated to created unbiased resources, did all of this research to find the top ones. They started with a list of 132 flat irons.

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The only irons they looked at had a one-inch plate with 300-degree or lower heat settings. This is because when you apply heat to the hair, it's just like cooking on the stove or in the oven. Heat can destroy the hair if you use too much. Each woman is different when it comes to the amount of heat needed to straighten or curl the hair. Fine hair requires less heat than thicker hair or hair that has a lot of curls. 

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The size of the iron also has an impact on what the hair will look like and how much heat is needed. A one-inch iron is ideal as it's not too large and not too small. Larger plates won't make tight curls or even those that look like beach waves. The plate also needs to be about three inches long as you want enough surface area to hold enough hair to curl or straighten. GHD was the first brand to go as the temperature setting reached over 300 degrees before it would straighten or curl the hair. 


Irons with coatings were removed as well. If there is any kind of coating on the iron, it can quickly wear away when the iron is on, leaving nothing but bare metal. With some irons, it's hard to tell what the iron is made of because the material is hidden under the coating.

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There aren't really any regulations when it comes to what can legally be placed on a flat iron, so women need to keep that in mind when making a selection. Some companies don't even bother to give information about the materials that are used with the flat irons that they produce. Each iron was tested on multiple types of hair before the final three were chosen.


The best overall is the Bio Iconic 10X Pro Styling Iron. The vibration of the plates shakes the strands of the hair so that they are evenly coated with heat whether you're straightening or curling. It's an iron that can deliver results at lower heat settings without tangles. It has a natural feel in the hands and is easy to operate. 


The best titanium flat iron is the Ultra Chi. It's a long iron that is five inches in length. The iron heats up quickly and straightens on almost any type of hair. The thin handle makes it easy to curl hair. There is a clip that will keep the iron closed when you're not using the device.


If you're looking for an iron that doesn't cost a lot, then the Hot Tools Digital is the best option. The iron is slim in design and easy to use. It also has a low heat setting and can be used for all hair styles. 

Lastly, be sure to always apply a product to your hair to protect against heat damage or burning like this one HERE by Oribe. Create sections because all of your hair won't reach the plates if you try to straighten large chunks at one time. The iron that you use should be light enough to only require one hand while straightening or curling.

For more information about this research and more, visit HERE.


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