Pierce and Ivy Fiercely Functional Statement Jewelry

Photos by Gino Difarnecio  on location at Fort Myers Beach, Florida ~   www.ginodifarnecio.com    //    @gdifarnecio  (Instagram)

Photos by Gino Difarnecio on location at Fort Myers Beach, Florida ~ www.ginodifarnecio.com // @gdifarnecio (Instagram)

Hey, all, and happy Friday to you! The last few weeks have been accessory heaven for me. I've discovered some awesome new brands and some have discovered me. I love some good baubles! When Pierce and Ivy, a statement jewelry brand, contacted me to take a look at their collection and see if I wanted to collaborate with them, I was pretty jazzed because I'd never seen or purchased anything like their unique pieces before.

Pierce and Ivy is a brand of unique, handcrafted statement pieces created by four women who just happen to be best friends. Their love of fashion combined with faith, passion, talents in working with leather, wood, and metals translated into a brand of beautiful, light-as-a-feather, functional, and fun statement earrings. to build a brand on faith, friendship, and passion. And their slogan says it all - "Fierce Fashion without compromising functionality." Their statement pieces are are so light and comfortable, you forget about the party hanging from your ear!

Each piece is hand-cut and made with silver-plated, surgical steel hardware. They contain no nickel and are hypoallergenic. I'm prone to sensitivity where earrings are concerned, and Pierce and Ivy's earrings were comfortable and non-irritating. They're the first set of statement earrings that I've owned that didn't require removal within an hour. In fact, I wore them all night long and forgot I even had them in until someone complimented on them and asked where to buy them. 

Scarlett Collection - Distressed Gold

Scarlett Collection - Distressed Gold


Mine pictured above, which happen to be my favorite, are from the Scarlett Collection and in Distressed Gold. They have a soft, light gold shimmer to them on one side and the prettiest leather textured on the other. They're so light and fun and would work so well with casual looks as well as full glam. The Distressed Gold is my favorite color option in the Scarlett Collection, but they come in three other colors as well HERE.

I enjoy statement jewelry, especially handcrafted and special pieces like Pierce and Ivy's, that pair well with dressy or casual clothing making them truly functional. I wore my Scarlett Collection Distressed Gold earrings with an LBD and heels to dinner with my husband for our 20th anniversary and to the beach the following day with denim cutoffs, tee, and flip flops. On both days, I received several compliments and questions about them from women of all ages. So, they definitely got it right with their fashionably functional jewelry.

Below are several of my other favorites from Pierce and Ivy's different collections, but, please be sure to visit them online HERE and find and follow them HERE on Instagram to check out all each of their collections. There are many different designs and colors to choose from to fit whatever style describes you. The ladies behind Pierce and Ivy are not only talented, they're so very kind. And just think, every piece you order from them is unique and made with love and passion just for you! - Jill xoxo

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*Special thanks to Pierce and Ivy for sending me complimentary pieces from their collections. As always, opinions are 100% my own.


Fierce Fashion without compromising functionality