Mermaid Shampoo - A Mermaid Must!

Hello and happy weekend to all of you! I hope yours has been lovely. Mine has been full of work, shopping, and relaxing with my family. I've been doing some packing for an upcoming trip and wanted to share one of my new favorites that is, for sure, going in my travel beauty bag - Mermaid Shampoo! If you haven't tried it, you must!


Mermaid Shampoo is one of several products in the Mermaid luxury line. The products are sulfate-free and contain botanical extracts and essential oils of the finest quality, which is why they smell amazing! And the packaging, don't even get me started! I love the simple and elegant design. It looks so pretty sitting on my shower shelf.

The scent of Mermaid Shampoo is ridiculously awesome! Think of your favorite beach scents and what you think a mermaid's hair would smell like, and that's not even close to how good it smells. The beautiful, beach scent and rich lather make you want to put wash, rinse, repeat on replay. It's actually a treat to wash your hair!

My hair has a noticeable improvement in shine and body when I use Mermaid Shampoo. Since my hair is color-treated, hydration is always a concern. I don't want a shampoo that over hydrates, leaving my hair limp, but I also don't want a formula that dries my hair out and leaves a tangled mess. Mermaid Shampoo seems to be the perfect balance for my hair.

Treat yourself to any products in the Mermaid luxury line, like THIS or THIS, and definitely try the Mermaid Shampoo. I can't wait to try all of the products in the line after falling in love with the shampoo. It's such an awesome shampoo for summer or any time of the year if you're a mermaid like me! - Jill xoxo