Meet Me Monday: Behind the Blogger

Photos by Gino Difarnecio ~ gdifarnecio (Instagram)

Photos by Gino Difarnecio ~ gdifarnecio (Instagram)

Happy Monday and 1st Day of Spring! (or is it tomorrow, I always think it's the 21st?!) Hopefully you're all thawing out and the cold and snowy weather is finished until next Winter! I know that you're ready for flip flops and beach visits!

I have some really cute Spring looks planned to show you later this week and next. But, I thought I would take the opportunity in today's post for you to get to know me a little better. If you read my PEN VS. PENCIL and/or MEET JILL post, you know a little about me and how my blog began. But, I thought I'd share some fun facts about myself that only my closest friends and family know.

Please feel free to comment and share some fun facts about you! I love learning about and getting to know my readers. And certainly, if you're a fellow blogger, please be sure to comment and leave your blog site address so that I can follow you! - Jill xoxo

20 facts about me:

  1. Snakes scare me more than anything! Seriously, heart attack waiting to happen kind of terrified! (Roller coasters come in second place.)
  2. I've grown to value loyalty in others above all other traits. I am loyal to a fault.
  3. My husband and I met online 20+ years ago in a chat room back in the day when the internet was always referred to as the World Wide Web. Our relationship was the talk of my small town ~ very scandalous.
  4. I'm a die hard fan of University of Kentucky Basketball. During games I get in trouble because I scream and curse A LOT! I can't help it... (And I cry when they lose. Don't tell anyone that!)
  5. I can throw a mean spiral. (For those of you who aren't into sports, I'm referring to a football.) I broke a couple fingers learning how.
  6. Dance is one of the loves of my life.
  7. My favorite number is 27. I just like the way it looks. Weird? Yep.
  8. My oldest child is named after Walt Disney (WD's middle name ~ Elias). My youngest son is named after the little boy in the movie "Big Daddy," and Keanu Reeves' character in "Something's Gotta Give" ~ Julian.
  9. Schnauzer's are my favorite dog. They are loyal and very intelligent. I've had five Miniature Schnauzers since the age of 12 ~ Toto, Winston, Zeke, Hurley, and Jake.
  10. I suffered a serious brain injury in a scooter accident when I was a freshman in high school. (Yes, I know, explains a lot! HA!)
  11. I never wanted children until I met my husband.
  12. My nicknames include: Jilly, Jilly-Willy, Jilly-Bean, Jelibean, JB, and Jilly-Mac.
  13. My favorite colors are Black, Red, and Pink ~ I will not choose just one, I refuse.
  14. I love naps. I rarely get to take them, but they're so delicious.
  15. My favorite band is AC/DC. Yep, I'm a rocker girl and have been since the 8th grade.
  16. I wanted to be a doctor and didn't go for it. It's my biggest regret in life.
  17. I don't like most pictures of myself and seriously don't enjoy being photographed.
  18. I'm 42 but seriously still feel (and act) like I'm in my 20's.
  19. I was voted Class Clown in the 8th grade and Wittiest in 12th grade. I love laughing and making people laugh.
  20. I'm shocked at how many talented, amazing, kindhearted, giving, and supportive people I've met through Instagram and the blogging world. I'm forever thankful for this extended family! ~ SMOOCHES TO YOU ALL! ~