August 2016 Faves & Flops

During July & August, I tested out some products.  Some are relatively new and others are long time forever favorites. I've included some information about them as well as my thoughts and opinions - good and bad.  - Jill - xoxo


(product links listed below in red)


  • Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette ($75 / $38) - This is by far my favorite beauty items picked up to date this YEAR!  It has three blushes and two highlighters.  I have a medium-neutral skin tone and all three blushes and both highlighters worked perfectly for me. The formula is great and they blend evenly and easily. U use this palette every and LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! 

*Unfortunately, the palette is no longer available at Sephora - as it was a limited edition.  But you can still find it on Amazon for around $75.00.  Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Pallette  

*Or - Sephora now has 4 split-pan duo palettes available in blush/highlighter with some of the colors from the original palette for $38.00.  Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Splits Shimmering Skin Pefector Mineral Blush Duo


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Clear Brow Gel ($22) - This is one of those products I never had, never knew I needed until I tried it.  One try is all it takes!  If you have wild eyebrows that don't like to stay put - you need this -they will not move. This is definitely a product I will buy over and over again.  And a little goes a long way. Cost is $22 and available at Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Macy's and Nordstrom's. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brown Gel @ Ulta


  • Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser ($36) - This is great for exfoliating and polishing but still very gentle.  It's in the Age Reform Murad line, but great for any age This cleanser has small beads that aren't abrasive or irritating and help with texture, toning and polishing the skin.  I use this once a day and it's one of my can't-do-without cleansers.  Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser  


  • Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream ($54 - $128) - Okay, yes, this is expensive, but holy moly this is good.  It plumps, moisturizes and smells like the spa!  It's a heavier moisturizer but can be used during the day if you use a small amount for day application.  Elemis is available at several stores, but I am posting a couple of options that I actually found on QVC that include travel size and combos with other great Elemis products..  Elemis Marine Cream / Elemis 3-Piece Kit  / Elemis Marine Cream & Travel Night Cream


  • Cetaphil Mosturizing Lotion for All Skin Types ($10+) - Just goes to show that inexpensive products can be awesome too. This product is available at any drug store, Target, Ulta, Wal-Mart.  It starts around $10.00 and runs up to $15.00 or so depending on size and where you buy it.  It isn't greasy but moisturizes so well.  It's safe for all skin types - even gentle enough that Dermatologist recommend it for patients that suffer from skin conditions like Eczema or Psoriasis.  Apply it right after stepping out of the shower for the softest skin! Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion


  • Gypsy Water by Byredo 100ML Eau de Parfum ($230)  Holy $#@% is soooo good.  It's expensive, but this perfume is sexy with a capitol SEXY.  One of my favorite fragrances ever - not just for July.  If you enjoy musky, warm scents, you'll love this.  Some would consider this more of an evening scent, but I think this is an anytime, all the time, night, day, dusk, dawn scent.  The notes for this fragrance are - Top: Bergamot, Juniper Berries, Lemon, Pepper / Heart: Incense, Orris, Pine Needle / Base: Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla.  Gypsy Water is available at most high-end department stores and directly through Byredo.  

*For a less expensive alternative, purchase the Gypsy Water 7.5 ML Perfumed Oil.  A roll-on oil that is actually great for travel.  And the pricing is reasonable at $78.  Gypsy Water Perfume / Gypsy Water Oil


  • Diptyque 2.4 - 6.5oz Candles ($32 - $62) - Hands-down WOW.  They are definitely pricey little buggers but they not only smell terrific, they last and release so much fragrance. Powerful little things!  I have the Jasmin and it is such a pretty-flowery scent.  Next on my list for purchase is Baies/Berries which is one of the top-selling scents.  There are many scents to check out.  Diptyque Candles


Before I begin, let me say, I don't like to give negative reviews of any product/item/idea.  But as I test new things, I will give my honest review/opinion.  In July I only have one product that disappointed me, and it isn't actually the product that is the problem - it's the lack of it in the packaging!


  • Sephora I Love Cushion Bronzer in Medium Tan ($16.00)-  This liquid cushion bronzer by Sephora, I think, is fantastic!  I loved it.  The color tone matched my skin perfectly for bronzing, it blended nicely, and had great staying power.  The problem - there was basically two to three total applications in the container. If you want to test a product, then call it a tester or a demo or whatever.  But do not launch testing size products without advertising them as such.  It's misleading and annoying.  I grabbed for it on an important night to find out i had enough for one cheek.  No bueno!  I considered repurchasing because I liked it that much, but the size is too small for convenience.  I don't want to stock up and hope the product doesn't go bad in the meantime.  Loved the product, hated the amount and packaging.  Also, I am certain that I only paid $8.00 for this product when purchased - it wasn't worth that due to the lack of product - but $16.00 - that is flat out ridiculous.  Link below if you want to test out and let me know what you think.  Sephora Cushion Bronzer