Pen vs. Pencil

Originally from a small town in Kentucky, I bounced around and lived in several states before finally putting some roots down in Florida; where I have lived for almost 15 years. Whether or not I will be here forever is yet to be determined, but it’s home for now.  I am a working wife and mother and at times, a crazy 20-something-year-old trapped in a 40-something-year-old's body. Mother nature is a beast! 

In November of 2015, my mom called me on my birthday like she always does. After wishing me a happy 41st, she said, “Your life is half over, Jill. It’s time to start living and be happy, truly happy!” Really, she said exactly that.

While I didn’t (and still don’t) necessarily agree with the ‘half over’ bit, I knew exactly what she meant. I was far from happy or taking good care of myself.  In turn, every area of my life was full of chaos and drama. I no longer recognized myself in mind, body or spirit.

After having some very tough and candid discussions with my friends and family, I made my mind up to take charge and get my life back on track. The biggest problem I faced was where to begin because I needed a lot of changes to happen and as quickly as possible.

Every nook and cranny of my life needed a thorough cleaning! And it dawned on me at that moment to treat my life just that way - a house with many rooms that required a deep, Spring cleaning. Once I jumped in, I decided that cleaning wouldn't be sufficient, I needed a complete remodel! 

My very first step in the right direction on "Project Me" was planning and organizing what I wanted to do on paper. I began with a list of bullet points representing things I wanted to change. The original list was no less than three pages long and each list had sub-lists.

My bullet points ranged from kitchen cabinet cleaning and reorganization to researching, creating, and beginning a new fitness routine. As I would check off completed points on the list, I'd add two or three more new ones. I found the more changes I made, the more enthusiastic I became about the whole process leaving me wanting to conquer more and more.

I started watching YouTube more regularly as a resource for research and new ideas in relation to my list. Someone from my hometown had recently started a new channel, so I watched a few of her videos. She grabbed my attention, entertained, and made me laugh when I needed it. (I still watch her religiously. She was a life preserver for me.) I began checking out a few other channels she'd recommended that led to more and more.  The videos sparked new ideas of interest and curiosity, in turn causing my list to keep growing. 

A couple of months, many favorite YouTube channels, and tons of research later, I added starting a blog to my list. I wrote it down and erased no less than 10 times and internalized it way too much. After deciding to ignore the fear and nervousness, I wrote it in pen and started the sub-list.

I decided that this blog would be the perfect place to blend my love of writing, sharing experiences, ideas, and advice for anyone interested in the areas I'm most passionate about..  It occurred to me that I might even be fortunate enough to help someone who finds that they are stuck in and trying to get out of the same chaos I was in just a few months ago. And, in the very least, maybe I'd be able to give my readers a good laugh.

Hopefully, you'll not only enjoy reading my blog but maybe share your experiences, thoughts and ideas with me and teach me a thing or two. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate. I can't wait and look forward to read them! And who knows, maybe my next bullet point will be a YouTube channel launch - still writing and re-writing that one in pencil - no ink as of yet. - Jill - xoxo