You're Dismissed, Regina George


We've all had to deal with our own personal version of her at some point in our lives. She's that girl, the sweet little angel to your face and a bedazzled dagger-wielding devil behind your back. Fortunately, most of us were able to leave her behind in high school. Even so, it's not uncommon for us as adults to run into her again at the gym, office, events, parties, and more often than not, on social media sites. 

She appears to be strong but isn't at all. She is constantly worried that you may do or have more than she does. Your drive, ambition and, ultimately, your success are her worst enemies. She lacks confidence, a healthy self-esteem, and a solid support system like you have. The support systems she has in place aren't real because chances are that she surrounds herself with people that are just like her, other mean girls.

I decided one of my main goals for the new year would be to empower women and celebrate women who are empowering and nothing like Regina George. These women are intelligent, strong, confident, helpful, successful, kind, respectful, courteous, and supportive to others. They understand that as women we should be lifting each other up rather than pushing each other down. 

I am beginning my celebration by showcasing here my favorite women of Instagram. These lovely ladies have made a difference in my life in some way through support, inspiration, or kindness, And most of them aren't even aware. They possess all the traits that the Regina Georges of life never will! Follow them online ~ their Instagram names and other details are below. - Jill - xoxo

P.S. Thank you, ladies!